professional editing and content provider


Martin F., first time novelist

"She's just that good ... what can I say?  I had a 200 page manuscript that I was certain was already perfect but Marie found some glaring issues.  If she hadn't taken that final look, I would have looked like an idiot."

DiDi L., 4Branding


"Even though we have an in-house editing team, Marie is able to handle all the overflow.  Work is always above and beyond, and most importantly, always on time."

Melinda D., Boston


"I have dyslexia and writing my master's thesis was a difficult task. Marie worked with me for months to help me turn in a perfect document!"

Jose R., Brainswitch Advertising


Always on time, a great asset to have Marie covering our copywriting and proof reading, she always goes beyond her scope getting into the meaning of the copy she is working with, she is a great source in todays world where content is so important.” 

Charles B., Northeastern University


"I'm an English professor.  I needed to rush through last minute edits for a paper I absolutely had to publish.  My wife made me find an editor for that final check.  I can't believe how many mistakes Marie found, along with offering much needed critique."