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About Me

Marie Duffoo

Years ago after relocating from Boston to Miami, one of my clients referred to me as "a writing machine from Miami" and the name stuck.  I have used Miami Writing Machine as my company name since then!

With a degree in Marketing Communications and a passion for the written word, I have spent decades helping companies and individuals alike create and implement an array of projects from marketing brochures to political biographies and virtually everything in between.

With the advent of the internet and the decrease in personal interaction, it has become painfully obvious to many that we are rarely judged by our suit or shoes any longer, but rather by our website, marketing collateral, emails, and the quality of our social media content.

There is never a situation where a document doesn't need yet one more set of eyes.  Don't put yourself in a situation where you want to cut corners to save time and money.  It never works out well!

Whether it is a 100 page municipal bid or a 2 page resume, I can help turn your projects into truly polished works.

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Proofing a document includes corrections for spelling and punctuation.  Blatant grammatical errors will be fixed.  Comments may be added to further assist the author.


The document is not only proofed, but some editing will be done for clarity, brevity, and/or content.  This is the perfect choice for dissertations, presentations and draft manuscripts.

(Final) Editing

Editing is only for the final document prior to printing or publication.  Includes set up comments, final copy-edits, and format corrections.


Need blog comments and articles? I can help you decide what you need and the most effective time schedule for your posts.

Web Content

You might have a gorgeous website, but you also need to add valuable content to draw in your customers and increase conversion.

Website Critique

Need a simple but attractive website for your business?  First impressions are important.  I can review/edit the design, setup, flow, and content.


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